Medicine For Toothache

Medicine For Toothache – What Works?


When it comes to toothache, we all experience a bout of toothache or tooth pain at some point in our lives. Toothache can be excruciating, so finding something that can quell that pain as quickly as possible is the key here.

There are many options when it comes to relieving tooth pain from natural remedies including natural oils, home ingredients and herbs, to over the counter medicinal substances that can get to the pain quickly.

Depending on what you prefer will depend on the route you choose, as both options offer options to quell and relieve the pain you are suffering.

Medicine For Toothache

Ok, so natural options aside here, what types of medicines can help relieve tooth ache?

Depending on the ferocity and severity of the pain, over the counter medicines could well be a good option for painkillers. The usual options such as Paracetamol, Aspirin and Ibuprofen will generally be powerful enough to relieve mild tooth ache. Again, the results of these types of medicines, will depend on the severity of your toothache, and also the cause too.

Prescription medicines for toothache can also be sort. These obviously need to be prescribed by your doctor or GP. These are generally stronger and can help relive sharper and more severe tooth ache and pains.

These types of medicines include “Oxycodone”, “Vicodin ES”, “Percocet” and many others. Visiting your doctor and discussing the discomfort you are in will help to prescribe the best painkiller for you.

Medicines for toothache as mentioned throughout, can come in many different forms and depending on your situation will depend on which route to relief is best for you.

But, for actual medicines for toothache, work out what is causing the pain in the first place if possible. Try over the counter methods, and if this fails to hit the spot, book an appointment to see your doctor for further checks and treatment.

Oil For Toothache?


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Ok, so back to the point here,

How Can Oil Be The Saviour For Toothache?

In this free bonus remedy, I explain how!

As explained in the first guide, ingredients found within the house can be very powerful when it comes to quelling toothache, in some cases right away.

Regardless of how severe your toothache is, home remedies can help!

Now when it comes to home remedies, I want to introduce you to the powers of “OIL”. But more specifically, “Oregano Oil”.

Oregano oil has been a huge natural remedy and natural oil for all different types of pains throughout the body. Not everyone at home will have Oregano Oil in there cupboards, but it works super well for relieving tooth pain very quickly.

I actually found out about this little tip from a friend of mine whose sister works with natural healing with oils. He swore by it, and after I made sure it wasn’t dangerous to put in my mouth for my toothache, I decided to try it.

I didn’t have this in my cupboard, but it is relatively inexpensive. I bought mine online, and went for a stronger Oregano Oil for maximum strength. Here Is The One I Used > CLICK HERE

Of course, there are cheaper versions, but this one was stronger so I spent a little more for maximum strength.

Now, Oregano oil is antibacterial and antifungal and has been used as a natural oil remedy for all types of pains and aches for centuries. It is also known to have the ability to kill the bacteria “Salmonella”, so is pretty strong stuff.

Using The Oil

You can take the oil in drops and also run it gently onto the affected area, or where you are experiencing tooth pain. Most manufacturers of the oil will tell you the daily consumption, but it is generally around 50 milligrams daily. Again, check with the manufacturer of the oil you have, or get.

By rubbing a couple of drops ofoil gently onto the tooth, in some people, depending on the cause of the toothache, will feel relief fairly quickly. Taking a few drops of the oil can and will work to relieve the pain of your tooth.

This Stuff Works

Oregano oil did work for me and has worked for others. Also, as a side note, Oregano oil is also good to have in the cupboard for future use also, as it can help once taken on other aches and pains within your body!

So, give it a shot, and find the relief you need!

Toothache Remedies That Can Be Found At Home

Toothaches can be unbearable at times. They are almost always as a result of an underlying problem such as Molar decay, gum infection or even due to a piece of food caught between your teeth. Whatever be the problem, the below toothache remedies are useful to control the pain while you wait for your dentists appointment. We strongly recommend everyone to at least have supplemental dental insurance to aid at times of severe toothache.
Toothache Remedies – What Options Are There?

These remedies will help in the time when you may be short on cash to visit a Dentist immediately or when your normal dental insurance or Company paid dental insurance have expired.

Also, be sure to check out the other information provided on this website. There are various toothache remedies and pain relief advice from natural remedies, to over the counter pain relievers that work too.

Toothache Remedies and Tooth Pain Relief can come in many ways. Obviously it is important to contact your dentist as soon as possible, as they can assess and examine any possible problems.

In the meantime, here is a selection of natural Toothache Remedies that can be carried out at home now.

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