Causes Of Toothaches

The biggest cause of toothaches is as a result of poor diet. Consumption of too much soda, alcohol and/or sugary foods can lead to quick tooth decay and infection. Bacteria in the mouth may break down the sugar in acids which combine with calcium in the enamel and can sometimes also cause decay or erosion.

The pain is almost always excruciating. It may worsen with drinking cold water and/or eating. It is important to sooth the tooth and not eat any hard to chew items. The weather can sometimes worsen the situation as well. Pain killers if taken, should be taken whilst consulting your dentist or over the counter meds can be taken in moderation.

How to avoid toothaches in the future

Try to floss regularly. A daily floss routine will help reduce food that gets tucked in between teeth. This food later causes infections and horrible toothaches. Flossing regularly actually helps prevent high dental costs as you will have to visit the dentist less regularly for teeth cleaning, especially if you have no dental insurance.

Tongue cleaning. Try to clean your tongue with your toothbrush right after you brush your teeth. This helps reduce any bacteria left in your mouth which could again potentially cause mouth infections and lead to toothaches.

Massage your gums. This is done with the bristles of your toothbrush. It helps prevent cavities, receding gums and gum decay.

Watch your diet. Make sure you eat foods that are rich in vitamin B and C such as bread and cereals. Zinc is also beneficial and can be found in lean meat and fish. Fluoride in toothpaste also helps strengthen your bones so make sure you brush regularly. Avoid sugary foods such as sweets and chocolate. Have them in moderation as they can lead to much faster tooth decay.

When should you visit a dentist

If the pain is absolutely unbearable and it seems like nothing you have experienced before, it is better to head to the dentist as soon as possible. The home remedies above are no substitute for good dental insurance and it is important for one to have dental insurance so your teeth can be well taken care of by dentists.

The home remedies above should only be used as a temporary measure so that you have immediate relief before you are able to visit your dentist.