Clove Oil Toothache Remedy

Clove Oil Toothache Remedy

Suffering from a nasty toothache is a horrible situation and one you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Toothache can appear out of what seems like nothing, and when it does you know about it.

The irritating pain and constant ache doesn’t just hurt you physically, but it can also affect your day to day work and social life too, with the constant pain.

When it comes to toothache, relieving it is obviously the first port of call, and in steps “Clove Oil”.

The Clove Oil Toothache Remedy is one that has been around for a while, and it can be very successful if applied properly.

For this treatment, you are going to need some clove oil, and a cotton ball!

It is actually really straightforward and the clove oil for toothache remedy is one that acts fast which is what you are of course looking for!


You need to dip the cotton ball into the clove oil and make sure you have an ample covering. Be sure to wipe off excess though, as you don’t want a mouth full of oil.


Wipe the clove oil onto the affected tooth where you are feeling the toothache and pain. What happens is, the oil seeps through any cracks or openings in the tooth and straight to the nerve.

This is where the pain is coming from (the nerve ending). The clove oil acts to quickly numb this pain and you can feel effects of this almost immediately.

Key Points

The clove oil does carry a strong smell, so be aware of this. Also, this method can be applied as often as is needed. So, if your toothache returns, just follow the same steps to numb the pain again.

This is how to apply the clove oil toothache remedy and how it works.

It is a great remedy, and is a successful one.

When it comes to buying Clove Oil……

If you do not have Clove Oil in your home cupboard, you can pick it up very cheaply online via Amazon.

You can also see as far as reviews go how the clove oil toothache remedy has helped others whom are suffering from tooth pain too.