Exposed Nerve Tooth Pain

Exposed Nerve Tooth Pain

How To Relieve Tooth Pain From An Exposed Nerve?

The nerves within our teeth are extremely sensitive. If we chip or break a tooth our nerves can become exposed very easily causing pain. Exposed nerve tooth pain can be very painful and even little things can cause the pain to increase.

Hot and cold food and drink can cause an exposed nerve to increase in pain. When eating, touching the nerve can also cause tooth pain too. Once we have an exposed nerve, a trip to a dentist is needed to treat and ultimately heal the tooth.

In the meantime however, what can you do for exposed nerve tooth pain, and how can you relieve it until you reach a dentist.

Exposed Nerve Tooth Pain – Relief Options

The first thing you must do is identify which of the teeth has an exposed nerve. Sometimes this is simple and straightforward especially if you have just chipped or broken a tooth and immediately felt pain.

Other times this is a little trickier as nerves can become exposed over a period of time through wear and tear of the teeth. So, firstly work out which tooth is causing the ultimate problem.

Pain Relief Through Over The Counter Medication

Secondly you can take over the counter pain killers such as Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. These are able to target the pain, but will not always prove successful. It all depends on the severity of the pain. Remember to follow the instructions and dosage guidelines strictly.

Oil Of Clove Treatment

Oil of cloves has been a tried and tested treatment for toothache and pain for a while now, and many find quick relief with it. You can pick up oil of cloves at most local stores of pharmacies.

Basically dab a cotton bud with oil of cloves and then apply it to the affected tooth causing the pain. Be careful not to touch the gums as this may cause irritation. The oil of cloves will work to numb the tooth and provide exposed nerve tooth pain relief temporarily.

The key here is to get in with your dentist for an examination as soon as possible. There is nothing you can do at home to fix a broken tooth with an exposed nerve, and treatment will be needed to do so.

These tips for exposed nerve tooth pain should help you relieve the pain temporarily until you have the opportunity to visit the dentist.

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