Front Tooth Pain

Front Tooth Pain

Causes, And What To Do For It

The front teeth also called the incisors are easier to clean. They are easier to floss, brush, and they are not used for chewing. As a result, they generally stay healthier than the molars. This is the reason why most people would initially think of pain in their molars when they hear the term ‘toothache’. Indeed, front tooth pain is very uncommon.

Front Tooth Pain – Explained

Even if there is already decay or abscess, symptoms are sometimes not very noticeable. Most people would just ignore any of the symptoms. However, it is very important to take good care of your front teeth because they are more visible than the molars. If you lose any of your front teeth, it is in full view – it is unlike losing a molar which you can easily disguise.

What are the causes?

Many causes of front tooth pain are due to sensitivity. You will feel this when the affected tooth comes into contact with either hot or cold food or beverages. If any of your front teeth become sensitive to temperature, it is an indication of decay.

Another possible cause is physical damage. It might be due to an accident which caused a crack on the tooth. In some cases, the pain may have nothing to do with your teeth at all. Some cases of sinus infection can lead to front tooth pain for example.

How to identify the problem?

As soon as you feel sensitivity, tenderness, or pain in one or more of your incisors (front teeth), you should do a visual examination right away. If you have a small mirror, you can use this to view the back side of your teeth. Look for signs of damage and/or decay such cracks, holes, and discolorations.

Another thing to check is the stability of the tooth. Hold it firmly and gently try to move it sideways. If it is loose, it is a strong indication of a problem. The tricky part is that the decay might be on the sides of the teeth – you may not be able to see this. As such, it is important to regularly have your teeth checked by your dentist.

What to do when you experience front tooth pain?

Once your doctor identifies a problem, he/she will attempt to salvage the tooth instead of extract it. Possible solutions include crown filling, root canal, and tooth reconstruction. Of course, it all depends on what it is that is causing the pain.