Gum Infection Symptoms

Gum Infection Symptoms

The Most Common Symptoms

Gum infection, also known as gum disease is quite a common disease amongst everyone. There are different types of gum infection symptoms which we will look at in a moment, but first, how is gum infection actually caused.

The infection within the gums comes around when bacteria attacks the gums. The bacteria that attack the gums to cause infection can actually be present on a frequent basis, but it is when it builds up that you can have issues.

Allowing the bacteria to build up can easily lead to a gum infection. Improper dental care can be one of the major causes of gum infection as the bacteria are allowed to build up. When I say improper dental care, we are talking general teeth care. Keep your teeth cleaned and flossed on a regular daily basis to keep those bacteria at bay.

Other causes of bacteria build up and gum infection can be smoking, different drugs and medication like anti-depressants, and also Diabetes, which is said to be a factor too.

Gum Infection SymptomsAll of these things can cause gum infection which obviously leads to gum infection symptoms. So, what are the most common gum infection symptoms?

  • Swelling And Bleeding

Swollen and bleeding gums are one of the most common symptoms for gum infection. If you feel your gums swelling and you are seeing blood when brushing, this is a sure sign of a gum infection.

  • Bad Breath

Another one of common gum infection symptoms can be bad breath. This can actually be caused due to the blood and extra bacteria combined within the gums. If this is a symptom you have along with the swollen and bleeding gums, this can also be a sure sign of some sort of gum infection.

These are generally the most common of gum infection symptoms and are the symptoms that are easiest to spot. If you feel you are suffering from these gum infection symptoms, then it is definitely worth considering treatment as soon as possible.

Gum infection can easily be treated, but if it is left to fester and grow, it could result in far more problems which become much harder to manage and treat.