Jaw Pain After Dental Work

Jaw Pain After Dental Work

Why Are You Experiencing Jaw Pain After Dental Work, And What To Do!

Experiencing Jaw Pain after Dental Work can actually be quite common. There can also be quite a few reasons why it is happening too. In this article, we are going to be looking at why jaw pain occurs after having dental work, and what to do to relieve it, and ultimately stop it.

Jaw Pain After Dental Work – Why Does It Happen?

The most common reason and cause of jaw pain following most types of dental work is stress and tension on the jaw joint. In a lot of dental work cases, you may be sat with your mouth wide open for quite a lengthy period of time. In some cases, dental work can go on for at least an hour or two.

This results in stress and tension around the jaw and jaw joint from being wide open for a considerable length of time.

Other reasons for jaw pain can include infection, which can actually grow from a gum or tooth infection. This, left untreated can lead to infection around the jaw and jaw bone, and lead to jaw pain.

Jaw Pain After Dental Work – What To Do?

When it comes to actually relieving jaw pain after dental work and treating it, you should first assess how long you have been feeling pain in the jaw.

If you have only recently had dental work (within the past week or so), the most likely cause would be from stress and tension, from having your jaw wide open for a considerable period of time!

It may feel a little achy following the treatment, and increase in pain over the next few days. This is just pain from tension and stress of the jaw joint and muscles surrounding the jaw and will settle down eventually.

Taking Ibuprofen or Paracetamol will help to relieve the pain. You can also hold an ice pack around the area afflicted with pain to calm it down. Time is the best healer here, so give it a week and it will return to normal.

If you are experiencing jaw pain after dental work that was carried out a while back, so couldn’t possibly be from tension and stress of opening your jaw wide for a length of time, then there is likely an underlying issue which may be an infection. You are best visiting your dentist with this issue and they will be able to take a much closer look at why it is happening.