Oil Of Oregano For Toothache

Oil of Oregano for Toothache

Does It Work? And How?

Oil of oregano is considered to be effective for treating toothaches due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. For that reason, this particular herbal remedy is also considered effective for treating other conditions like diarrhea, fever, menstrual pains, various types of aches, rheumatism, headaches, spasmodic coughing, insomnia, and many others.

So, when it comes to oil of oregano for toothache, how does it work?

How to Take Oil of Oregano for Relieving Toothaches

The American Herb Association considers variants such as the black and Turkish oregano oil as the most effective for treating medical conditions that are not limited to toothaches alone. It is also a plus factor that these two types of oil of oregano are not just the most beneficial for toothache, but happen to be some of the most flavourful as well.

When taking oil of oregano for toothache, as an alternative treatment or home remedy, individuals must be aware that medical experts generally consider only those aged 12 years or older to use this treatment. Younger patients, may not have sufficiently strong immune systems yet to combat the natural toxins found in oil of oregano.

Homemade versus Commercially Packaged Oil of Oregano?

Homemade oil of oregano for toothache as a remedy may just be as effective as something sold commercially, but you have to make sure that you get everything correct. Pay careful attention to the list of other ingredients you may need as well as their respective quantities. The slightest mistake can turn what should have been a remedy into a self-inflicted poison.

Commercially packaged oil of oregano for toothache is considered a safer option but only if you are buying one from a reputable company. Consider verifying the brand name with the likes of the FDA and the aforementioned AHA.

Also, with commercially packaged oil of oregano for toothache, you will get instructions on safe dosage too.

When it comes to dosages of oil of oregano,

Users are generally encouraged to limit their intake to only 50mg per day, and this should include an intake of at least 37 mg of carvacrol (but no more than 43mg). Moreover, users are encouraged to limit their total intake to three weeks. Anything more may cause the remedy to backfire since oil of oregano is also known to have certain side effects.

Types or Forms of Oil of Oregano

There are different forms of oil of oregano from tablets to powder and oil itself. The best type is the oil which if bought from a legitimate company, will be pure.

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Oil Of Oregano For Toothache

When it comes to treating toothache with the above linked oil of oregano, you will need to dilute it first. It is recommended to dilute the oil 50/50 with either refined coconut oil or extra virgin oil.

One drop of oil of oregano with one drop of extra virgin oil mixed should be rubbed onto the affected tooth or gum area (will also help with gum infection). The mixture will help kill the infection and relieve pain quickly. Do this 2- 3 times a day!

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