Tooth Abscess Symptoms

Tooth Abscess Symptoms

What Are The Main Symptoms Of A Tooth Abscess?

Aside from looking into a mirror to check if there is pus coming out from your tooth, there are other symptoms which will let you know if you are indeed suffering from a tooth abscess or not. Tooth abscess is a serious dental bacterial infection that requires immediate treatment. If allowed to deteriorate, it not only has the potential to cause damage to the rest of your teeth but may also lead to life-threatening side effects as well.

The Main Tooth Abscess Symptoms To Look For

Symptom #1: Severe Toothache
The pain and discomfort caused by tooth abscess is beyond your regular toothache. It is literally debilitating, and if the same tooth has been causing you to suffer from frequent and severe toothache, then there is a good chance you are already suffering from a tooth abscess.

Tooth Abscess SymptomsSymptom #2: Swelling
If allowed to deteriorate, another of the most common tooth abscess symptoms is that, that can also cause your cheeks or the nearest part of the face to swell.

Symptom #3: Fever
The unnatural rise of your body’s temperature is in reaction to bacterial presence inside your mouth and which has infected your tooth, or some of your teeth. A fever can accompany other tooth abscess symptoms too.

Symptom #4: Difficulties with Biting and Chewing
Infected areas are typically overly sensitive, making it difficult for you to bite and chew in a normal fashion. If you have an absolutely horrid time chewing even the softest bread, then yes, there is a good chance that you may be suffering from a tooth abscess.

Symptom #5: Sensitivity to Temperature Extremities
You love to drink hot coffee and extra cold ice cream, but suddenly you find both unpalatable. If so, that can be another sign and symptom of tooth abscess.

Symptom #6: Unexpected Taste and Scent of Something Foul in Your Mouth
If there’s something foul-tasting and smelling suddenly inside your mouth, it could be that your abscess has ruptured on its own. That would be none other than the pus or yellowish liquid that is coming out from your damaged tooth.

Even if you have not seen signs of any of the tooth abscess symptoms listed above yet you feel there is a possibility you are indeed suffering from a tooth abscess, consult your doctor or ideally your dentist immediately. It is always better to play it safe!