Tooth Pain After Root Canal

Tooth Pain After Root Canal

Reasons & Treatment Options

When a tooth is decayed, damaged, and is stricken with severe pain, extraction is not always the best option. Especially when dealing with permanent teeth, it may still be possible to salvage it with root canal treatment (endodontic therapy).

Of course, you would be expecting the tooth pain to be gone after the procedure. And although it is normal that some mild tooth pain and feeling of tenderness may be felt for the next few days after the procedure, sharp or severe pains are an indication of a problem.

Here are the most common reasons for tooth pain after root canal treatments:

Irritated periodontal tissues

When cleaning the inside of a tooth using a tool called an endofile, it is possible that the tool might have been pushed too far below the root and into the periodontal tissues which are surrounding the tooth’s root.

Also, the tool may have also pushed some debris into the periodontal tissues. This will result in an infection. So even if the all the nerves inside the tooth are successfully removed a disturbed and infected periodontal tissue can cause a lot of tooth pain after root canal surgery.

Failure to remove all nerves

Another common cause of tooth pain after root canal treatments is the failure of nerve removal.

When performing root canal or endodontic therapy, it is crucial that all nerves in the hallow part of the tooth be removed. These nerves are the ones sending pain signals to the brain so if any of them are left after the procedure you are guaranteed to experience after-surgery tooth pain.

Lengthened tooth

After the root canal, the crown of the tooth will be restored by the dentist. Miscalculations however can leave the tooth longer than it was before surgery. As a result, chewing will cause impacts with the tooth right above it. Because the tooth is pushed down by the opposing tooth, problems can occur. This can lead to increased tooth pain after a root canal procedure.

Ghost feeling

This is very much the same concept with amputation or the removal of body parts like limbs. When a limb is removed, the patient may still feel its presence after surgery even though it is no longer there.

This may seem a little weird, but is 100% true!

The same can happen with the amputated nerves inside the tooth that underwent root canal surgery. So to put it simply, the tooth pain after root canal treatment that you might be feeling is simply imaginary.

Treatment Options For Tooth Pain After Root Canal Treatments

When it comes to treating tooth pain after root canal procedures, for most cases of failure, a re-treatment will usually get things done.

For example, if a nerve is left behind, another root canal procedure will take it out. In cases of lengthened tooth, the crown will simply need to be reshaped. For worse conditions however, like in the cases of infected and irritated periodontal tissues, the tooth may have to be extracted.

If you are suffering from increased tooth pain after root canal surgery it is advisable to seek medical advice from your dentist as they may be able to find out the actual cause, and treat it accordingly.

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