Tooth Pain After Temporary Crown

Tooth Pain After Temporary Crown

Causes, And What To Do For It

Before you understand why you may feel tooth pain after temporary crown treatment, you have to understand first what the procedure is. Simply put, it is a procedure in which a dentist would attempt to salvage a damaged or decayed tooth from extraction. This is done by cleaning out and removing the decayed part of the crown and replacing it with a temporary filling.

A temporary filling/crown is used first in order to see how the decayed or damaged tooth would fare with the treatment. If it works out, the temporary filling/crown would be removed after a few days and will be replaced with a permanent filling. If the temporary crown filling did not work out, root canal or even tooth extraction may become necessary.

Tooth Pain After Temporary Crown – Why?

When you feel pain after a temporary crown treatment, it may be an indication that the procedure did not work out. One possible cause is that the decay or the damage is actually deeper than your dentist originally diagnosed. In this case, your dentist may resort to root canal or tooth extraction.

But if the pain is only mild or bearable and is accompanied by a sensation of mild tenderness, it may only be a case of temporary sensitivity. Take note that temporary crown treatment is a slightly invasive procedure. Your tooth may need a few days to get used to it. In this case, you only need to wait for a few days and the pain will die down.

Tooth Pain After Temporary CrownAnother common cause of tooth pain after temporary crown is poor workmanship. If the broken area of the tooth is not properly covered with filling, cold air and water can leak into the nerve cavities and cause pain. A lose fitting filling can also cause bacteria to enter the inner parts of the teeth and cause infection. This bacterial growth can cause inflammation and later cause pain.

So what should you do when you start feeling tooth pain after a temporary crown? If the pain is not severe, it may only be part of the healing period and may go away after a few days. You can relieve the pain yourself by taking over-the-counter pain killers.

If the tooth pain after temporary crown doesn’t subside or becomes worse, you should contact your dentist immediately and they can take a further look to see what the problem and best course of treatment may be.