Toothache A Sign Of Pregnancy

Toothache A Sign Of Pregnancy

Signs Of Pregnancy – Is Toothache A Symptom Of Pregnancy

In this post we are going to be looking at whether Toothache is A Sign Of Pregnancy, and if you are suffering from tooth pain and are trying for a baby, is it a sign that you could actually be pregnant?

Toothache And Signs Of Pregnancy

There are various signs of actually being pregnant and different women experience different things. From aching breasts, to morning sickness, and of course a missed period! There are also lots of other signs as well that are smaller and not always visible or felt. So, is Toothache a Sign Of Pregnancy and is it one of those smaller symptoms of pregnancy you may experience.

Well toothache isn’t necessarily a sign of pregnancy!

But, toothache and tooth pain can be quite common while pregnant. There are many reasons why toothache can occur while pregnant and one of the most common can be sore gums and wisdom teeth.

This can happen as they are a lot softer during pregnancy with the added hormones that can affect them.

If you are suffering from toothache while pregnant, you should make an appointment to visit your dentist, or emergency dentist. Although you are pregnant, there is dental care that can help with tooth issues during pregnancy that will not harm your baby.

In lots of cases toothache while pregnant can actually be the result of a bad or infected tooth, and can be mixed up with being pregnant. So, rather than Toothache being a Sign Of Pregnancy, it can be a dental problem that of course needs to be addressed.

A simple visit to your qualified dentist is advisable, and they will quite happily take a look and explain your options for treatment.

Tooth pain during pregnancy can be very uncomfortable, so the sooner it is sorted, the better!

If you do think you are potentially pregnant and originally though toothache was a sign of pregnancy, it is worth taking a test, or looking out for other signs of pregnancy to see if you actually are.

It is also advisable to let your dentist know you could be, or are pregnant too!