Toothache After Dental Work

Toothache After Dental Work

Why Are You Feeling Toothache After Dental Work?

We visit the dentist to fix up our teeth right? So, why sometimes do you actually acquire a toothache after dental work and what should you do if you are suffering from tooth pain following a visit to the dentist?

Toothache After Dental Work

Toothache can occur after a visit to the dentist for many reasons. Firstly, it depends on the type of work you have had done. If it is just a regular check-up and clean, you will very rarely come out feeling any tooth pain, as your teeth will not have necessarily been touched near the root and nerve.

If however, you have been to the dentist and actually had dental work carried out such as a filling, crown or even more serious, a root canal, sometimes toothache afterwards can occur.

Toothache After Dental Work such as these above can occur for multiple reasons. Sometimes it is directly related to the jaw which may ache after having dental work carried out with you having to hold your mouth wide open for a long period of time. This shouldn’t persist for too long, and will calm down after a couple of days.

Another reason for toothache after dental work can be that of if the work hasn’t been performed correctly. For fillings, it could be a misshaped filling, or the shape being off when you bite down. Also the metal used in fillings can react with other metal too from other fillings. Again, this is likely to calm down after a couple of days.

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Other issues that cause toothache after dental work can be cracked roots from having crown procedures, or even a wide open nerve that has been left to the elements of the mouth. This can cause pain when eating, biting down or sometimes talking too.

What To Do If Suffering From Toothache After Dental Work?

You will need to visit your dentist again to let them check it out. If they have made a mistake and not carried the work out properly, they can correct it. They will also find the problem and arrange to sort the issue out too.

If your pain is accompanied by jaw ache, it may be best to let it sit for 48 hours, to see if it subsides. But, if you are still feeling toothache after dental work after this period, a visit to the dentist is in order.

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