Toothache And Face Itching

Toothache And Face Itching

Is It Connected?

It is possible that in some cases people can suffer from face itching or, at worst, facial pain while experiencing a toothache simultaneously. The answer is, yes, although it isn’t recognized as a normal toothache symptom, with the proximity of the teeth and the rest of the face, and the fact that both parts use a single nerve supply, it is possible to have toothache and face itching at the same time.

What are the Possible Causes of Toothache and Face Itching?

The exact reason for face itching and toothache to occur simultaneously is often difficult to pinpoint and even when extensive diagnostic procedures have been performed. Most likely, however, the cause of facial itching can be considered as either a symptom or side effect of tooth problems, just like toothaches are a result from such conditions.

A toothache is most likely to occur when a person is suffering from nerve damage in one or some of his or her teeth, as well as tooth decay. Both conditions cause a person to suffer from overly sensitive parts (usually the area where the damaged tooth is) and the nearest area of the face.

Here are other possible causes for toothaches and, consequently, indirect facial itching as well.

Gum disease

Malocclusion or impacted teeth

Infection that sets in after or may be caused by tooth extraction

What If It Is Not a Toothache That is Causing an Itchy Face?

Keep in mind that toothaches are not always a result of tooth decay or poor oral health. Sometimes, people suffer from certain health conditions which result in pain (or perhaps mild to strong itching?) in a person’s jaw and face.

Others, however, mistaken this type of pain as a toothache and will continue to do so until a professional and accurate diagnosis has been obtained. Such conditions include facial neuralgia, sinusitis, temporomandibular disorder, or any kind of trauma or serious injury that has affected a certain side of the face and the teeth nearest to it.

Also, be aware that toothache that is affecting the left side of a person’s jaw may be a symptom of a heart attack. If this is accompanied with other well-known symptoms of heart attacks like breathing problems, vomiting and nausea, chest pains, and headaches, then you must obtain professional medical treatment immediately. You definitely have something more serious than a toothache to worry about.

Treatments For Toothache And Face Itching

The treatment required for toothache will usually do away with the itchy face at the same time if connected. You must, however, make sure to choose the ideal source for treatment. In most cases, pain relievers are enough to treat toothaches and for a sufficient period of time until a more permanent treatment – such as extraction, tooth filling, or surgery – may be performed.

If you are suffering from toothache and face itching you will want to visit your dentist or emergency clinic as soon as possible to get a full diagnosis, and plan of treatment.

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