Toothache Remedies For Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant and experience a toothache, you might be looking for some safe home remedies for the pain.  You will need to talk to your OB doctor if you are pregnant and believe that you will need to have work done on your teeth.  It is important to also discuss any potential home remedies with him or her before giving them a try.  If you are having a toothache, you must see your dentist to make certain you do not have an oral infection.

People use many different herbs to help relieve pain from a toothache.  Some herbs might not be recommended for use while you are pregnant.  For this reason, you will need to look for some more basic remedies to help alleviate a toothache if you are pregnant.

Placing a tea bag in the area of your sore tooth for awhile can sometimes help you feel better.  The tea bag helps to protect a tooth with decay from having more food particles enter and to help keep out bacteria.  Of course, you cannot go around for long periods of time, biting down on a tea bag.  This is something that can help to bring you relief for awhile even after you remove the wet teabag from your tooth.

Take a cube of ice and rub it between your forefinger and thumb.  This can help to interrupt the pain senses and to relive the pain in your tooth.  This has a relatively high success rate when used.  You might also try holding an icepack to your cheek in the area where you have the toothache in order to help relieve some pain.

You might find that holding a hot cloth on your sore tooth will also help to remove pain.  You can try to place a washcloth directly on your tooth (depending on where the aching tooth is located) or you can attempt to hold a hot washcloth on your cheek near the area where your sore tooth is found.

Believe it or not onions and garlic can serve as a good remedy for toothaches.  You can place a garlic clove on your tooth in an attempt to take away some of the pain.  A slice of onion can also be used to help remove bacteria and infection which can help to alleviate some of your discomfort until you can see the dentist.

Placing a dab or two of vanilla extract on the tooth that is aching can be helpful.  It is intended to help remove any bacteria that could cause infection.  This should also help to relieve some of the pain you are feeling in that tooth.

You can take salt water to use as a mouth rinse.  You will not swallow this salt water but rather use it to swish around in your mouth.  In some cases this is enough to help remove bacteria along with some of the pain that you are feeling from your aching tooth.

Remember to consult with your doctor as well as your dentist if you are pregnant and experiencing a toothache.