Tooth Infection – Types Of Tooth Infection

Tooth Infection – What Types Of Tooth Infection Are There?

Tooth infection is not only painful and annoying, but it can also leave you with a mouthful of empty spaces if left untreated. Tooth infection is something that affects many of us worldwide and some stage and can come around through many mediums.

Taking good care of your teeth with brushing, flossing and mouthwashes on a regular basis can keep tooth infection at bay. But, regardless, sometimes it just can’t be avoided.

So what types of tooth infection are there?

There are a few different types of tooth infection and the general 3 basic types are as follows.

1.       Within the Bone (Abscess)

An abscess is a tooth infection that can be painful and not so painful but can also be noticeable from the outside with the swelling that can occur.

This type of infection on the tooth is an infection that targets the bone of the tooth and can actually lay slightly unnoticed somewhat for a long time. Left untreated if not painful can lead to the root of the tooth dissolving, so consequences are extreme.

2.       Inside The Tooth

This type of tooth infection occurs within the living pulp tissue of the tooth and attacks inside the tooth. This can be very painful, and again left untreated can lead to further more dramatic consequences.

This type of tooth infection can be caused easily through tooth decay, so look after those teeth of yours well, to avoid this.

3.       Within The Gums

The third basic tooth infection is known as gum disease. As the name suggests, this type of infection targets the gum areas surrounding your teeth. This can occur from general bacteria catching within the gums.

Keeping your teeth cleaned, flossed and mouth washed can help to keep gum disease at bay. Leaving gum disease to fester can lead to an abscess, so make sure you keep on top of your cleaning duties.

Tooth infections can be treated, and different types of tooth infection call for different types of treatment. To keep yourself out of the dentist and of course free from toothache and pain, keep your teeth cleaned and well looked after at all opportunities.