What To Do For Tooth Pain

What To Do For Tooth Pain

Tips On Tooth Pain Relief And What To Do For Toothache

At some point in our lives we are going to suffer from some sort of tooth pain or toothache. When it comes to what to do for Tooth Pain, there are actually many things you can do, and in this article we are going to be looking at possible options for tooth pain relief.

What To Do For Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can spring up out of nowhere and there are many reasons you may be feeling tooth pain. You can get it from having a broken or chipped tooth, and infected tooth, or issues with the gums. There really are many reasons a toothache can come on. For more on different toothache causes, take a look at > Teeth Pain Causes

When it comes to what to do for tooth pain, it can depend on the type of tooth pain you are feeling as to how to treat and relieve it.

What To Do For Broken Or Chipped Tooth Pain

For broken and chipped tooth pain you can use salt and warm water mixed together. Rinse through the mouth without swallowing for around 30 seconds. This can help to relieve tooth pain. This can also help with wisdom tooth pain too.

Over the counter pain relievers can also be used! Ibuprofen and Paracetomol are able to help with relief. Just make sure you follow the dosage and instructions of use.

Swelling And Tooth Pain

If you are experiencing swelling around where you are feeling the toothache, you are probably experiencing and infection. This could be tooth or gum, and to help with this, an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel and applied outside the mouth around the affected area can help relieve and bring the swelling down.

Oil Of Cloves Tooth Pain Relief

Oil of cloves which can be found in any pharmacy has always been known to act well when it comes to what to do for tooth pain.

Applying the oil of cloves onto the affected tooth can help to numb and relieve pain. Remember to be careful with this, use a cotton bud and try not to get it onto the gums as you may feel a burning sensation.

Also, do not use too much, you only need a drop or two to do the job.

These are all temporary things to do for tooth pain and your main concern when suffering from a toothache is to visit your dentist as soon as possible. When looking for what to do for tooth pain, the above tips will give temporary relief, and allow you to get yourself to the dentist without too much pain.