Wisdom Teeth Infection Symptoms

Wisdom Teeth Infection Symptoms & Signs

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that come through the gums later on in life, generally between the ages of seventeen and twenty five. However, they can sometimes be a little late through, or begin a tad earlier.

When breaking through the gums, they can be painful. Most people will experience wisdom tooth pain when they grow through, and it can be of different severities.

This wisdom teeth pain shouldn’t be confused with infection or toothache, as it is perfectly normal to feel pain and sensitivity when they are growing through. So, if your wisdom teeth are fresh, any pain or sensitivity may be down to them still growing and not infection.

Wisdom Teeth Infection Symptoms

As with any of your teeth, wisdom teeth can get infected. Like other teeth, this can be down to bad oral care, a chip or crack, or also gum disease around the area. Sometimes they do not grow through properly, and with the gum flaps surrounding the partially erupted tooth, can hold food particles which can result in infection.

If your Wisdom teeth have matured and you believe they are infected, following are the most common symptoms of infection in wisdom teeth:

  • Pain to The Wisdom Tooth
  • Swollen Gums And Sometimes Bleeding
  • Bad Smell
  • Swollen Jaw (Which Can Be From Impacted Wisdom Teeth)
  • Sensitivity Around The Tooth
  • Pus Coming From The Gum Line
  • Reddened Gum Area

Sometimes in more severe cases, you may find it hard to eat and swallow, and in some cases people suffering from wisdom tooth infection have also suffered fever like symptoms too. However, this is not 100% proven to be linked.

Every case is indeed a little different!

If your Wisdom Teeth are mature, meaning, they are not fresh or only just coming through and you are suffering from some, or all of the above symptoms, then it is definitely worth checking in with your dental practice as soon as possible.

In lots of cases Wisdom teeth can be removed, and the removal can be the best option in severe cases, so if you are suffering from the above wisdom teeth infection symptoms and signs, it is worth seeking dental help.