Wisdom Teeth Pain After Removal

Wisdom Teeth Pain After Removal

Why Do You Get Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

And What To Do To Relieve It?

Having your wisdom teeth removed is actually quite a common procedure and Wisdom Teeth Pain After Removal is also quite common.

When it comes to removal , the wisdom teeth are generally removed due to overcrowding, if they become impacted (growing into the jaw), gum disease or if they are causing pain, swelling and irritation due to flapping skin.

Removing them is quite a common and straightforward procedure. It is dental surgery after all and with this can bring about Wisdom Teeth Pain After Removal.

So, Why Can You Experience Wisdom Teeth Pain After Removal?

Well, there are a couple of reasons you can experience pain after having your wisdom teeth removed and below are the most common:

  • Swelling To The Gums And Tooth Socket

Obviously, to remove your wisdom teeth the dental surgeon performing the procedure will have to cut them out and with it stitch around the tooth socket to allow the open tooth socket to heal properly and carefully.

This is likely to cause swelling afterward and it can feel very sensitive around the area of the tooth socket due to these cuts and will bring about wisdom teeth pain after removal.

  • Jaw Pain Around The Wisdom Tooth Area

Jaw pain is very common, and is actually common in most dental procedures. While your wisdom teeth are being removed you are obviously opening your mouth as wide as possible. If you are under general anaesthetic, your mouth may be propped open to allow your dentist inside to remove them.

From the added tension and stress the jaw is put under, it is common to feel pain around the jaw line and within the surrounding muscles, which can then feel like you are experiencing wisdom teeth pain after removal.

As far as treatment goes, this should go down after a few days and you can hold an ice pack against the affected area to bring light relief.

  • Damage To Existing Dental Work Or Surrounding Teeth

Another reason for wisdom teeth pain after removal is that from the teeth and any other dental work surrounding your wisdom teeth. If they have been affected during surgery, they may cause problems and pain afterwards.

Wisdom Teeth Pain After RemovalIt is best to visit your dentist if you feel it could be this reason you are feeling pain after wisdom tooth extraction. They will be able to assess the situation properly and rectify any issues.

  • Fractured Jaw

This is a more extreme reason for pain after wisdom teeth removal. But, if your wisdom teeth were actually implanted firmly in your jaw bone, removing them can actually cause a slight fracture to the bone and result in obvious after removal pain.

Again, it is difficult to assess this by yourself, so if you do suspect this is the reason, a trip to your dentist or local emergency clinic is called for.

Pain after wisdom teeth removal is common and you shouldn’t be too worried if you are experiencing pain. Remember to rest and take it easy, and the pain should subside after a few days.

If the pain persists, it is advisable to visit your dentist or emergency clinic for further assessment.