Wisdom Teeth Pain Symptoms

Wisdom Teeth Pain Symptoms – What Are They?

Wisdom teeth are molars that typically come in during the teens or early 20s.  They can cause various problems when they try to come in.  The tooth may become impacted if it comes in awkwardly or if your mouth isn’t large enough to accommodate them.

Like all other teeth, the wisdom teeth break through the gums.  However, sometimes the tooth is unable to break through and becomes impacted.  You will feel significant pain near this impacted tooth.

It is also possible for the tooth to come in at a bad angle.  If this happens with you, then you will experience irritation near the tooth.  Your jaw will also feel stiff in the affected area.

Swollen gums are also common wisdom teeth pain symptoms.  When the tooth tries to break through the gums, a small piece of tissue will grow over it.  This piece of gum tissue may swell and also become infected.  The gums in the back of your mouth may also turn red.

If your wisdom teeth come in at a bad angle, they can also cause crowding of your other teeth.  The third molar will put pressure on the other teeth and possibly move them out of alignment.  You may need braces if that happens.

It could also increase the likelihood of your other teeth becoming infected.  You feel probably have a feeling of discomfort whenever you rub your teeth up against your cheek or tongue.

Other problems in your mouth can develop due to wisdom teeth pain symptoms.  One or more of your teeth may start decaying.  You may also start having problems with gum disease, especially near the back of your mouth.

People with problems with their wisdom teeth can also have bad breath for no apparent reason.  This may be caused by an infection present in one or more teeth.  It is also common for you to have an unpleasant taste in your mouth.  Other people commonly develop headaches because of the pain.

Your wisdom teeth usually don’t come in until later in life.  Most people start developing these symptoms when they’re in their teens or twenties.

These are some of the most common wisdom teeth pain symptoms.  The tooth may become impacted when it tries to break through the gum which is a very painful condition.  Some of your teeth may start decaying and you may develop gum disease in the back of your mouth.

If you are affected by any of these symptoms, you will need to visit the dentist to have your wisdom teeth checked out for infection and possible decay. For pain relief remedies for toothache, you can check out this post > Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief