Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief

Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief – What Can You Do?

Your wisdom teeth can cause you a lot of pain if they come in improperly.  You will obviously want to get rid of the pain associated with it.  There are a few things you can do.  This article will give you a few tips.

One of the easiest ways to get wisdom teeth pain relief at home is to use clove oil.  It contains a substance called eugenol which acts as an antibacterial and pain killer.  You need to mix the clove oil with a small amount of olive oil and put it on a cotton ball before putting it on the affected tooth.  If you don’t dilute the clove oil, you may experience a burning sensation which may be the result of damage to tissues or nerves.

Another easy for to get wisdom teeth pain relief is to use hydrogen peroxide.  Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is available cheaply virtually anywhere.  You simply swish some around in your mouth for a few minutes and it will help to get rid of the pain.  Just make sure that you don’t swallow any or your stomach may start to ache.

You can also crush a clove of garlic and use it for wisdom teeth pain relief.  Garlic is a natural pain reliever and antiseptic.  This means that it will help relieve an infection that’s causing you pain.  However, you will experience a burning sensation when you put it in your mouth.  It also has a very strong taste.

Another simple way to stop the pain is to put something cold on your cheek.  Simply put ice in a ziplock bag and wrap it with a towel before putting it on your cheek.  This is only a temporary solution though.

In order to experience true wisdom teeth pain relief, you will likely need surgery.  If the tooth has already fully erupted, it can be removed easily like any other tooth.  However, if it hasn’t broken through the gums yet, the dentist will need to remove a small part of the bone in order to get to the tooth to remove it.

You should never ignore the pain caused by your wisdom teeth.  There are various wisdom teeth pain relief remedies you can use at home.  Some of the easiest ways include hydrogen peroxide, clove oil, and a crushed clove of garlic.  However, sooner or later, you will likely need to have the teeth removed by a dentist.

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