Wisdom Tooth Gum Pain

Wisdom Tooth Gum Pain

Help With Wisdom Tooth Gum Pain And What To Do For It

When the wisdom teeth are growing and coming through, it is quite common to feel wisdom tooth gum pain. The wisdom teeth are after all breaking through the gums, and this can cause irritation and sensitive gums that can make it hard to eat, and sometimes talk.

You should only really feel wisdom tooth gum pain as your wisdom teeth come through and once they have come through, it should subside.

Sometimes it can take a while for wisdom teeth to come through, and it can happen in stages over the space of a year or so. But, you should only really feel pain and irritation of the gums surrounding the gums as they come through, not necessarily persistently.

Sometimes wisdom tooth gum pain can happen when there is in fact not enough room for the wisdom teeth to actually grow and come through. This is known as over crowding of teeth and can bring persistent pain.

This can also result in what is called impacted wisdom teeth too. Generally to stop and treat this reason for wisdom tooth gum pain is extraction/removal.

If you are worried about the pain you are experiencing within your gums surrounding your wisdom teeth, you should consult your dentist and let them examine the area for possible overcrowding or impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Gum PainWisdom Tooth Gum Pain Relief

For wisdom tooth gum pain relief there are a couple of things you can do to bring temporary relief.

  • Chewing Gum

Believe it or not, chewing gum can actually bring relief to wisdom tooth gum pain as it helps to massage the area with the continuous chewing of the gum. This has been known to be quite effective.

  • Over The Counter Pain Killers

One of the most obvious pain relief options is actual pain killers. Over the counter pain killers can be used, and if these don’t work too well, you can always visit your doctor for stronger options.

  • Salt Water Can Help

A cup of warm water with a couple of spoons of salt can help to relieve wisdom tooth gum pain when rinsed through the mouth. Be careful not to swallow or drink the water, but a rinse for about 30 seconds a couple of times throughout the day can offer slight relief.

Wisdom tooth gum pain is something many of us experience when our wisdom teeth come through. Some have a stronger experience than others. If you are at all worried, or your wisdom tooth gum pain is persistent, it is wise to make a visit to the dentist for further examination.