Wisdom Toothache Remedies

A look at various toothache remedies for wisdom teeth. If you have ever experienced pain in one or more of your wisdom teeth, you know it is among some of the worst pain to experience.  If you have a cavity in one of your wisdom teeth or impacted teeth, it can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

It is always best to schedule an appointment with your dentist if you are having problems with your wisdom teeth to avoid infection. However, there are some remedies you might be able to try in the meantime to help relieve the pain until your appointment.  You should double check with your dental provider before using these remedies.

A dab of alcohol on your sore tooth and the gums surrounding it can help to ease your pain.  Brandy or whisky (just a dab) on the tooth will help to numb the pain.  Holding ice on your sore wisdom tooth or on your cheek near the tooth can also help to numb the pain from your toothache. Sometimes the relief that you feel will last for quite awhile and other times it will be short lived.  (You can continue applying ice to your tooth for prolonged relief).

Rinsing your mouth out (particularly in the region of the sore wisdom tooth) with salt water can help with a toothache.  It will help to prevent infection and can also help to relive the pain.  The same is true of rinsing your mouth out with some mouthwash.

You can try placing a little slice of onion near your sore tooth.  The onion should help to kill bacteria in your mouth that might be entering your tooth if you have a cavity or decay.  This should help to relive some of the pain.  Another home remedy is to try placing a clove of garlic on your tooth to help remove pain.

When you are having a lot of pain from a wisdom tooth, you will not want to eat foods with much sugar.  The sugary products can cause even more decay and more pain.  If you are having bad wisdom tooth pain, you might need to try not to chew your food on that side of your mouth.  This can help to keep the main to more of a minimal.  You might also find that you need to avoid foods that are too hot (or in some cases too cold) as they might cause even more sensitivity in your teeth.

Take a wet tea bag and place it in your mouth back near your wisdom tooth that is hurting.  This remedy can help to ease the pain.  Placing vanilla extract in the area of your tooth that is hurting can also help to take away some pain and bacteria.

These are just a few of many different remedies that can be helpful if you are having pain in one of your wisdom teeth and need some help until you can get to a dentist.  Even trying to find ways to relax or to distract your mind from the pain can be beneficial when you are suffering from a bad toothache.